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Medical Studies in Romania

Medicine Abroad (also known as MedInRo) provides services to international students that want to attend a medical program at a Romanian Medical University.

We take care of your application and all the administrative tasks related to the application process, making sure that everything gets done correctly and that you will be guaranteed a seat at a Medical University.

We offer those, who find it difficult or almost impossible to get admitted at a university in their own countries, a golden opportunity to study at a well respected university with some of the lowest tuition fees in Europe.

The criterias for acceptance are:

- 18 years of age or above
- Valid high school diploma
- Fluent in the language of the chosen section (english, french or romanian)
- Good health and behaviour

So far, Medicine Abroad has helped many students to get admitted to the program of their choice and is here to offer advice and guidance concerning your own individual situation.

You can apply for the General Medicine, Dentistry or the Pharmacy (five-year) program and choose to study in one of the three following languages - english, french or romanian.

The universities and the licenses (received at the end of sixth year) are accredited, acknowledged and approved all across EU and different parts of the world.


We offer you comfort. The comfort that your application is taken care of properly. By using us you avoid frustration and bureaucratic elements or other types of obstacles that may arise during the application process, such as:

- You can't get through to the University or no one answers the phone. We always have someone in Sweden or in Romania you can contact whenever you have a questions and are always accessible via mail.

- We help you to overcome language difficulties that can lead to ambiguities and misunderstandings. We noticed that this is one of the most common reasons why students do not get accepted to their chosen university.

- Incorrect management of your documents. We make sure that you submit the correct documents, go through them and make sure all the documents are as required. This is a requirement for you to get into accepted to a university.

- Documents that get lost. We periodically check that your documents are in the right place. We have very good contact with the admissions departments at various universities. Lastly, we ensure that the application process goes smoothly and most importantly, you no longer need to worry about anything. When everything is done the right way, your chances of getting admitted increase significantly.

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E-mail: medinro@gmail.com | mihail@medinro.se
Contact Person - Romania: Boboc, Mihail
Telephone: 0040-732-007927